Getting Started With Our Categories

  • What are “Right”, “Working”, “Romantic”, “Related”, “Learning”, “Friendly”, “Hopeless”, “Healthy", “Legal”, Etc?

    • Right: Customer stories
    • Working: Bosses & coworkers
    • Romantic: Couple stories
    • Related: Family stories
    • Learning: School stories
    • Friendly: Friends & strangers stories
    • Hopeless: Feel good stories
    • Healthy: Medical/health stories
    • Legal: Stories involving the law

Story Submission

  • How do I submit a story?

    • Submit your story by clicking “Add your story” on our homepage. This should direct you to a form where you can fill in the scene, setting, and location of your story. In the Story field, tell us what happened!
    • Scene/Setting Examples: High School, Home, Office, Evil Laboratory, Etc.
    • Location Examples: New York, USA. Toronto, Canada.
  • Who writes the stories that are published on the site?

    • All of our stories are submitted by readers just like you!
  • I submitted a story, when will I see it?

    • As soon as possible! We receive up to a hundred submissions every day. While many are great stories, only a few are able to make it to publication.
  • My story got published, but it's slightly different! How come?

    • Sometimes we will need to edit a story slightly to make it suitable for publication. Scene-setting is great, but extraneous detail may need to be cut down a little. Your submission might explain that this didn’t happen to you but to your friend/sister/uncle, but the audience doesn’t need to know that.

      If it isn’t important to the punch-line, we’ll also remove reference to brand names, overly strong language, and overly long sentences.

      Don’t worry, we still aim to keep the spirit of the story alive and ensure it remains as hilarious as ever!

  • Do you have any guidelines for submitting a story?

    • Yes! Here are a few quick tips:

    • Have a conclusion. The best stories have a strong ending, punchline or a climax.
    • Keep it tight. Provide only necessary + descriptive details to tell the story.
    • Dialogue isn't required. Most of our stories have dialogue. But we welcome all stories, including those without dialogue!
    • Funny stories are great. So are Inspirational and Instant Karma stories. Our readers love reading these! PS - it's okay if your stories don't fit in these tags; these are just suggestions!

Story Content

  • Is this site suitable for children?

    • Some situations are not suitable for younger audiences. We do our best to censor profanity and other explicit content, but there are some topics that are best discussed only amongst adults and away from the prying eyes (and ears) of children.
  • What are 'Content Warnings'?

    • While most of our content is lighter fare, some stories may cover topics that could be difficult for some to read. Content Warnings, therefore, warn readers of potentially distressing stories.
  • Are your stories real?

    • We receive up to a hundred submissions a day. Selecting the few that make it to the site is a long process, but even then the work isn’t done. Every submission that meets our grade is then put through search engines using multiple variations of key text.

      In the past we have found submissions that are:
      - Quotes from episodes of sitcoms (Family Guy being a continuous favorite!)
      - Copy and paste tales from stand-up comedians
      - Slightly amended tales from stand-up comedians
      - Textual interpretations of YouTube clips

      For obvious reasons, these submissions don’t make it to publication and those that do might have been copied from some other sources that we missed. If you spot something we haven’t, then let us know!

Commenting & Voting

  • I posted a comment. Why can't I see it on the site?

    • Your comment may have been automatically flagged by our system. It will appear on the site after we review and deem it appropriate.
  • What does "Upvoting" on a story mean?

    • Upvoting a story means that you’re able to appreciate the content itself, while you don’t necessarily agree with the subjects’ actions or the outcome of the story.
    • Remember that Upvoting stories help us give you better content by letting us know which ones you are more likely to appreciate.
  • What do “Upvote” & “Downvote” on comments mean?

    • Upvoting: Means that you find the comment relevant for discussion even if you don’t necessarily agree with it.
    • Downvoting: Means that you find the comment irrelevant for discussion even if you don’t necessarily dislike or disagree with it.

Reporting Spam & Abuse

  • How do I flag & report inappropriate comments?

    • You are able to flag spam and abuse by finding the drop-down arrow at the top right corner of each comment, and then clicking flag as inappropriate.