Why Nurses Should Rule The World!

Why Nurses Should Rule The World:

Part One – Because as a nurse, your smallest patients are also your biggest.

Part Two – See what happens when a “doctor” tries to outsmart a nurse.

Part Three – Nurses work super hard to become nurses so that they can work even harder.

Part Four – A nurse is never off the clock.

Part Five – Don’t mess with a nurse who is also a mother.

Part Six – A good nurse never says “not my department, not my problem.”

Part Seven – Doctors diagnose. Nurses translate.

Part Eight – A nurse’s job extends far beyond the hospital.

Part Nine – Retirement? For a nurse? Bah!

Part Ten – See what happens when you hitch a ride from a registered nurse.

Part Eleven – God bless nurses!

Part Twelve – See what happens when a nurse sticks it to the doctor.

Do you know any nurses that would appreciate these stories? Or know any other stories that prove why nurses should rule the world? Let us know in the comments!

Wesley Lin