Welcome to the Not Always Right official blog!

Welcome to the Not Always Right official blog!

We’ve been thinking about making one of these for a long time now. 

We’ve been wanting to show you the inner workings of our site and pull back the proverbial curtain on how we deliver a fresh batch of stories to you, every day!

When it became clear that the site itself would need an update, the planets aligned and we realized that introducing the blog at the same time would kill two birds with one stone.*

First, we know change sucks. You get used to the cheese being in aisle four next to the yogurt. Then they move the cheese all the way to the back and now the yogurt is still there in aisle four, missing its dairy friends. We get it – you’re going to have to re-learn where your favorite sections of the site are, and might not be interested in some of the new features we’ve implemented.

Hopefully, the next few entries on the blog will help alleviate some of those stresses. We’ll explain all the changes and new features on the site, and most importantly, we’ll explain why. That’s why this will be a real blog, written by us to speak to you like real people, and not just a glorified announcements board.

We’d love for you to come back here to check out our regular updates and insights into what we do and why we do it!

Sometimes right, but not always,

The Editors.

Wesley Lin