New Website Changes

Okay, you came back for round two, which means you must be interested in what we’ve changed on the new site, or you’re lost. We’re just going to assume it’s the first one.

Let’s jump right into what we’ve changed about the site. The first thing you’re likely to notice is the new Navigation Bar:

We wanted something that was less cluttered than the original, which had a growing number of categories fighting for space. Now it’s clean and sleek, and easy to navigate, as all you have to do is click or tap down.


 All the categories that you love, and some that many of you likely ignore (it’s okay, we’re not offended), can be found simply by selecting the down arrow next to ‘Category: All.’

Here you’ll find every category we’ve ever had, from Right to Legal, and even Unfiltered.

We’d love to introduce more categories in the future if we can figure out new ways that humans can be assholes to each other, so this new drop-down format will be ideal for adding new sections to the site without the category bar beginning to look like an explosion of icons.

For those who already know what all the categories are you can ignore the colored text, but if you want a refresher, well:

  • Right - Bad customer stories, the bread and butter of the site!

  • Working - Bad worker/employee stories (sometimes the customer actually is right!)

  • Romantic - Stories about relationships, love and how it makes fools of us all!

  • Related - Stories about families, and how we love them, but man do we hate them sometimes, too!

  • Learning - Stories from school, from terrible and awesome teachers, and the students that can be just as memorable!

  • Friendly - Stories between friends, enemies, frenemies, neighbors and strangers

  • Healthy - Stories ranging from hyposprays to hypochondriacs!

  • Legal - Stories about people breaking the law, and not always getting away with it!

  • Hopeless - Stories about people being nice to each other, the detox section of our site where you can’t handle any more people being awful human beings.

  • Unfiltered - We like to show appreciation for the effort it takes to write and send in your stories to us, and while not all can make it to the main feed, we do want to give them a forum, so they end up on Unfiltered.

Sort By

The next drop-down on the Category bar, is the ‘Sort By’ section. Here you can sort the stories by:

  • Newest - the default mode of the site, newest entries to the top!

  • Oldest - same as above but we have REVERSED TIME! Oldest stories are now at the top, going back to the very beginning of the site, a great way to see how the site has evolved since 2007!

  • Popular - a selection of our most popular stories, as voted by you! You’ll even be able to filter this further, by seeing the most popular posts from the past month, year, of all time, or even set a custom date!

  • Random - for when you’re feeling lucky…

  • Time/Date - want to see what stories were popular back in 2009? This is where you’ll make that happen!


Finally, we have a new filter section, where you can see:

  • Of All Time - our highest-rated posts of All Time!

  • Custom - Go time traveling, and set your own dates to see what was most popular back then!

This is also where we will be able to add new filters, where we think it would be nice for you guys to find more curated and specialized content as we develop this feature. If you have any ideas for what you might want to see here, then let us know!

Infinite Scroll

Another feature you likely would have noticed is that there are no more pages! We’ve introduced infinite scrolling to ensure that you no longer have to reload the site every five stories! We did this because we noticed a lot of our more dedicated fans have had to scroll many pages in a single session to read all the content they like, so we’ve eliminated that obstacle.

However, if you’re a stickler for the pages, we’ve enabled it so that if you read the stories individually, then you can still navigate easily with the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons.

Dark/Light Modes

You’ll also see this symbol on the top right, next to the search icon. This activates/deactivates the dark and light modes of the site, so you can still enjoy reading the site in bed while your significant other snores away, not realizing what they say in their sleep might become the content of the next Not Always Romantic story.

Again, we know that changes can be annoying, but we all get used to them. Eventually, you’ll remember where the store put that cheese at the back, but unlike that store, we won’t make drastic changes every few months just to keep you on your toes. Everything we’ve done to the site has been to:

  • make it easier to navigate

  • make it cleaner to look at

  • give us room to grow (and give you more stuff!)

We love providing you guys the content that you love to come back and read, and we always want to make more of it.

We’re hoping that these changes to the site will give us the room to do just that. When changes occur this blog will be the place to officially hear about them. In the meantime, feel free to come by and visit often, as we’d love to tell you about some other features and projects we’ve been working on.

Sometimes right, but not always,


The Editors.

Wesley Lin