Our Mission


At Not Always Right, we produce authentic and entertaining content so that people have an outlet for their stress.


What Is The Site About?


When Not Always Right originally launched in 2007, the site focused on funny & stupid customer stories (“The customer is NOT always right”).

However, we have since expanded to include anecdotes from all spheres of life.

How We Started


It all started with a story: a ridiculous customer who wanted rollercoasters on his insurance website, and the hapless freelance web designer who couldn't help but facepalm in response.

With over 65,000 stories and 11 years worth of relatable content, Not Always Right continues to be a source of relief and amusement for millions around the world.


Not Always Right has been actively publishing content for over a decade



Not Always Right has published over 65,000+ true & authentic stories



Not Always Right reaches over 1,000,000+ monthly unique visitors


Our Storytelling Commitment


Not Always Right aims to produce authentic and entertaining content by making sure every story meets our strict standards.

We verify our stories to the best of our abilities before publishing them by filtering each submission through search engines using multiple variations of key text.

While we do edit submissions slightly to make them suitable for publication, don’t worry. We still aim to keep the spirit of the story alive and ensure it remains as hilarious as ever!